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28- “Zulfiqar” ballistic missile

Zulfiqar” ballistic missile is one of the most precise missiles made by Iran which has munition warhead and it can target military bases, airport gangs and… with high resolution.

Western media sources say on Zulfiqar missile: The missile hit its target at a low altitude and has a range of 700km.
Zulfiqar missile is located in the class of Fateh missile that is the most precise Iranian missile. Fateh missile was made in various types with ranges from 300 to 500 kilometers.
marine types of this missile — persian gulf and hormuz — are also made with the range of 300 km.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, with the first generation of Fatah 110 missiles, had a short-range ballistic missile with a range of about 200 km, from the beginning of the 1380s.
At the beginning, the precision and details of Iranian Fateh were not like today, but over the next years, different generations of this missile were entered the service and upgraded the range of the missile to 300 kilometers, the missile ‘s error was reached almost zero and more advanced fuel was used in its propulsion system.
The missile is a ground-to-ground missile, a wry throwing and the single-stage that can destroy Intended Target with Radial over range of 700 km.
Zulfiqar also uses a moving and self-propelled launch platform and it is Stealth and lightweight.

28- “Zulfiqar” ballistic missile<<click image to download>>



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