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79- Production of yttrium Y-90 for the treatment of liver cancer

Liver cancer is one of the most lethal gastrointestinal cancers, and is currently among the six common malignancies in men.
According to reports about 200 cases of liver cancer are reported annually.
Pars Isotope Company is a producer of yttrium Y-90 atomic cocktail in the country which was later sanctioned by the United States on an anti-humanitarian boycott.
The price of the atomic cocktail is € 5000 to € 6,000, which will be much cheaper for domestic patients due to localization.
Patients with primary and metastatic liver cancer who are not surgically, have recovered about 50-60% of hope with Resin Microspheres 90 atomic cocktail and they achieve a much better quality of life.
With the production of yttrium Y-90 atomic cocktail, Iran has been able to manufacture and test one of the most important atomic cocktails that it is effective in treating liver cancer, along with the few producing countries that make it.



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