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112- “Manufacture of polymeric microballoons by Iranian researchers”

The polymeric microballoons are small balls of 50 to 100 microns and their interior space is filled with gas.
Microballoons are used in a variety of industries such as the military, aerospace, pharmaceutical and construction industries.
These strategic materials are mostly used in the military and aerospace industries and also in manufacturing lightweight components with high strength.
Embedding these materials in the aircraft fuel tank will automatically repair the damaged part if the tank is damaged or cracked by an impact.
The drugs can be loaded in microballoons which make the drug release to be regulated in the patient’s body and its effectiveness to be prolonged.
Using these materials in the home industry can also prevent the anomalous noise coming out, as well as preventing heat transfer in buildings. Cosmetics, mining, road construction and submarine hull construction are other applications of polymer microballoons.


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