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117- “Iran extracts the world’s first green petroleum”

Iran has surpassed its Omani Gulf partner and is able to extract the green petroleum for the first time in the 102-year history of the petroleum industry by producing 16000 barrels of oil from Hengam joint field.
One of the most prominent features of the oil produced from Hengam is its API which is 42 that makes it one of the lightest crude oil in the world.
The crude oil which is currently extracted from the joint field with Oman, unlike the conventional black color of other oils, is green. This light crude oil has the potential to produce maximum gasoline and diesel fuel with the lowest refining costs. In the current situation, Iran’s export basket of crude oil consists of seven types of light, heavy and extra heavy oil and there will be more variety by adding the light crude oil extracted from Hengam. Meanwhile, the amount of sulfur, water and sediment in Hengam crude oil is standard (zero) and the salt content is seven to eight ptb.
Hengam joint oil and gas field lies 70km off Iranian shores near the Hormoz Straight in the Persian Gulf. The field is situated approximately 40km south of Qeshm Island and 30km away from Hengam Island. The first well of the field was drilled in 1975. The drilling of the second Hengam well was completed in 2006 and the reservoir studies carried-out subsequently confirmed the in-place oil and gas reserves of 700 million barrels and two trillion cubic feet respectively at Hengam.


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