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32- “The Naze’at 5 artillery rocket”

The Naze’at is an Iranian-made solid propellant short-range ballistic missile launched from a transporter erector launcher. In terms of range, warhead and the scope of destruction it is divided into three types: The Naze’at 5, Naze’at 6 and Naze’at 10.
The Naze’at 5 is the first type with initial weight of about 840 kg, a maximum range of 88 km and a 130 kg warhead. It is designed and built during the imposed war with the effort of Iranian experts. It has been used since 1366.
This rocket can be fired from the Model 1 launchers with the Benz 911, the Model 2 launchers with the Benz 2624 and two rail self-propelled launchers with 2624.
The Naze’at rockets have fins for stabilization in flight and are believed to have a CEP of around 500-1000 m. All these three types are composite solid propellant rockets and their warhead are made of fiberglass.

32- “The Naze’at 5 artillery rocket”<<click image to download>>

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