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48- “15 Khordad air defense system”

The 15 Khordad air defense system can detect and track 6 targets simultaneously and also do the firing and the destruction operation against 6 targets. The other feature of this system is its mobility, in a way that it takes less than 5 minutes to get ready for the war and started.
The system is equipped with a phased array radar with the possibility of simultaneous engagement with several targets and independent launching platforms. The Sayad-3 missile is used in this system. The ability to deal effectively with airborne targets such as detection aircrafts, bombers and tactical fighter jets is another feature of this system.
It has the ability to destroy cruise targets if they are present in the destructive area of the system. The high-performance in guiding and controlling the operation, high mobility and short reaction time are among the features of the 15 Khordad system.
This system can operate in a wide range and destruct a vast area (with targets within the altitude of 150-27 km in the range of 7-75 km).

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