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75- “Designing and manufacturing first industrial electron accelerators”

The industrial electron accelerators have vast applications in various medical, industrial and agricultural sciences. It is one of the most obvious examples of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy which plays an effective role in the health of the community and improves the quality of the products.
Sterilizing single-use medical devices, memorizing polymer materials, manufacturing heat-shrink tubes required by industries, manufacturing heat resistant wires and cables, food irradiation, urban waste water treatment, wood-metal reinforcement, production of hydrogel wound dressing, production of high durable tires and car parts are some of the application areas of this accelerator which has various components and enjoys a high technology.
Currently, the price of the accelerators in the world is mainly related to its technical knowledge. Its production is limited to some advanced industrial countries. It is also one of the sanction items of Western countries which currently cannot be bought and imported in the country. Today we can see our experts in nuclear arena are trying hard to reach the technology of designing and manufacturing this advanced industry.

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