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82- “Zulfiqar3 main battle tank”

The Zulfiqar3 tank is powered by a 1000hp diesel engine with 12 cylinders. Using a 6-gear SPAT 1200 automatic transmission system, it provides a speed over 70km on the road and 45km on rugged surfaces.
There is a laser-warning pod, of our country’s electronics industry, installed on the turret that covers 360 degrees on the horizon and 60 degrees in elevation. The crew members will be notified immediately of the potential danger of being hit by an anti-tank missile so they can activate their defense system including the smoke grenade launchers and make the launcher’s laser lock break.
The most exclusive part of the Zulfiqar tank is its fire control system called EFCS3. Using this system, the gunner’s eyesight can be magnified 10 times during the day and 7.5 times during the night. Zulfiqar3 is also equipped with a laser rangefinder, of our country’s electronics industry, which seems to be a ND-YAG type. It can measure distances from 500 m to 10 km.
In addition to the laser rangefinder, this tank fire control system is equipped with the wind and temperature sensors. There is also a sensor for adjusting the angle of the gun which provides an accurate firing while both the tank and the target are moving.
Having a two-axis stabilizer (horizontal and vertical) also increases the accuracy of shooting in different modes.
Another capability of the fire control system is its computing speed. When receiving the parameters of environmental and ballistic factors of the bullet, it does the necessary calculations and sends to the gunner of the tank within one tenth of a second.

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