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95- Production of the first national aircraft turbojet engine “Owj”

The first national turbojet engine, called “Owj”, has ability to fly up to an altitude of 50 thousand feet and is equipped with numerous systems and it is highly capable in different operating and environmental conditions and it has ability to install on all types of birds with a maximum takeoff weight of 10 tons.

With the completion of the national aircraft turbojet engine construction, in addition to discontinuing the dependencies on such aircraft engines, the Islamic Republic of Iran is located among the eight countries that own the knowledge of the design and technology to manufacture these engines.

Owj turbojet engine , with more than 14,000 pieces and sophisticated technology, has made a great leap forward in the knowledge of design and construction technology in the country’s aviation industry and it can provide the country entry into the design and construction phase of semi-heavy and heavy duty turbocharged engines in air and industrial class as a reference platform.

Achieve technology for the production of turbine blades by accurate vacuum casting is one of the most important technologies in the process of building the first national turbojet engine.
Localizing some of the airborne super-alloys is another achievement of the first indigenous national turbojet engine “Owj”.

Access to indigenous knowledge of the design and Manufacturing technology of turbojet engine swivel parts including main axle, turbine discs, front and rear compressor spools and compressor discs, has been made possible with the efforts of practitioners and experts in the aviation industry.


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