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96- Iran is the fifth manufacturer of LED lamps in the world

Behnor Yazd Company has been able to put our country name in the list of top manufacturers of low energy lamps by producing different types of lamps.
The company has manufactured various types of optical power LED, SMD and POWER LED and has been able to supply a significant portion of the country’s demand for these products.

Behnour Yazd Ultraviolet Lamps manufacturing factory started its research on production of LED ultraviolet lamps in 2006 and was put into operation in 2007.

With the capacity of producing 20,000 diode piece of POWER LED in diodes per shift and producing more than 5,000 flame types of lamps and industrial projectors, this factory is known as the largest manufacturing complex of LED lamps in Iran.

Since the beginning of Behnour Yazd production, Iran has become the fifth manufacturer of LED lamps in the world.


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