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101- “The production and processing of probiotic food products”

The Zist Takhmir Company has succeeded to produce and process the probiotics, provide a bio-based foodstuff and meet the country’s need for this product.
You may have seen the term “probiotic” on packaging of some dairy products, but know less about what it is and how important it can be in improving nutritional quality of foods. The adequate distribution of these tiny microscopic organisms in the body -while enriching more nutrients- brings health to the body which can be achieved by consuming supplements as well as certain foods produced by the bacterial fermentation process. They can be found in foodstuffs like dairy, cabbage grated and cooked with vinegar, Miso, Kimchi and some other foods.
Consuming probiotics has many benefits, such as weight loss, ease in digestion, improved immune system function, better skin and reduced risk of many diseases. The role of probiotic products in food industry is becoming more pronounced therefore; the ability to produce probiotics in the country is something essential. It provides job opportunity for university graduates and biotechnology experts.


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