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103- “Designing and building shot monitoring system for metal and automotive industries”

Shot monitoring is a system capable of measuring piston speed and the pressure of melt in mold’s cavities and it displays these values in graphs. It also stimulates relay outputs to start the second and third phases and has the ability to display alarms for values outside the permissible range.
This system is made for die casting machines (one method of producing metal and plastic parts). Metal and plastic parts manufacturers use a variety of methods for fabricating parts, such as metal casting, plastic injection, powder metallurgy and die casting.
Die casting machines are widely available in manufacturing factories in Iran and have a significant share in the production of parts. They also have a wide range of uses, such as home heating radiators, industrial applications like machinery parts, automotive and military industries, ….
One of the advantages of die casting process compared to other methods is its high quality, accuracy and precision. In this method, precision-sized components are manufactured. The final manufacturing process is shorter than other methods, which is why it is used significantly in industries. The customers expect very high precision from these parts so they must be within the range of standard numbers. The unacceptable parts are removed from the production cycle and poured into the furnace for melting.
Shot monitoring greatly assists the output of the device by measuring accurately, displaying the numbers in graphs, checking the numbers with optimum values, propagation of errors if necessary, and by applying controlled outputs to the injection device.

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