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108- Manufacture of the Elexapro medical device for the treatment of excessive sweating body

For the first time in the country, the knowledge based company “parto teb pardis” of Tehran University Science and Technology Park, has succeeded in designing, manufacturing and commercializing iontophoresis medical device brand Elexapro for the treatment of excessive sweating of the armpit and palms, (hyper hydrosis).

The innovative design and the use of new technologies in the “Elexapro” anti-sweat device have caused intelligent performance and it has a much higher and permanent improvement effect than the similar external sample which its technology is mainly owned by Germany and the US.

Intelligent Performance of the Elexapro anti-sweat device, eliminating the side effects of this treatment, such as burning and scaling the skin relative to its external sample, are the benefits of this device, and with the use of new commercialization techniques, its prime cost is one tenth of the foreign sample.


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