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110- Iranian laser scraper as the best leveling machine

The Laser scraper machine used in agricultural land leveling, witht the high precision of the laser and its low cost has caused Iran to be needless of importing similar foreign equipment.
According to statistics, land leveling will save 35 percent on water consumption, 25 percent increase in performance, a 32 percent reduction in labor and an increase in area under cultivation.
The advantages of using a laser leveling system over other leveling systems: can be easily applied and without the need for engineering sciences, high precision (5 mm / 100 m), no need for heavy machinery, soil preservation, speed of operation, very high tillage, in-field tillage, easy planting and harvesting, elimination of costly mapping, very high endurance over similar models, approved by Agriculture Jihad, reduced crop losses, reduced crop losses during harvest, reduce irrigation costs, planting and harvesting and Harvest and etc.


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