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118- Production of Sulfur-free diesel by Iranian researchers

Researchers in our country have succeeded in producing sulfur-free diesel fuel using ultrasonic waves. mass production of this type of diesel can be a huge achievement in the country’s transportation field.
the sulfur in the fuel and petroleum products accelerates the decomposition of exhaust catalysts and eventually environmental problems.
Another disadvantage of sulfur is the production of sulfuric acid in the engine oil and shortening the engine life of the machine.
also, due to the high amount of sulfur in our petroleum products and given the problems of air pollution in Iran, the issue of optimum production and fuel standard is more important.
Therefore, domestic researchers have been able to significantly reduce the amount of sulfur in the diesel fuel to make public vehicles (such as BR buses, trucks, trailers) less polluting in cities.
In the first stage of the production of sulfur-free diesel technology using ultrasonic waves there is a processing step, and in the second stage and extraction tower, the oxidized sulfur compounds will be separated and eventually pure sulfur-free fuel will be produced.
The use of ultrasonic waves significantly reduces reaction time by a small reactor and completes the process.

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