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123- “Iran’s first homegrown amphibious aircraft”

By manufacturing its first home-made 6-seat amphibious plane, the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved the technology of designing and producing amphibious aircraft after the US, Russia, Germany and other similar products developed in China,
Iran is a country with 2000 km of water border in the south, 600 km in the southern islands and 700 km in the north and the Caspian Sea so it requires various equipment for carrying out operations such as border patrol, offshore patrol, and taking images of borders and one of them is an amphibious plane.
The amphibious aircraft has applications in carrying equipment and tools required for various missions such as detection, imaging, etc. in land and water, sea patrols for combating smuggling goods and detaining trespassing boats, monitoring, inspection and accessing platforms and oil pipelines in seas and lakes, as well as transferring divers to their mission locations.
The domestically-developed aircraft is also able to carry out relief and rescue operations on land and sea, as well as conducting environmental research by taking samples from the waters, monitoring the movements of organisms, carrying cargoes, extinguishing fire, as well as for personal and entertainment purposes and as air taxis.

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