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138- Removal of pollutants from aqueous solutions and industrial effluents

Researchers in the School of Chemical Engineering of Semnan university, in collaboration with the Science and Technology Park, patented “Improving the Surface Properties of Polyethersulfone Membranes Using Aluminum Fumarate Nanoparticles as a Material with a metal-organic frame “.
Modification of membranes structure and change in their surface properties is one of the main priorities for improving the function of ultrafiltration membranes in removing contaminants from aqueous solutions.
In this project, the membrane composite of Polyethersulfone / aluminum fumarate nanoparticles were fabricated and their properties have been studied.

The obtained membrane composites can be used in removing various contaminants from aqueous solutions and industrial effluents due to their advantages such as higher fluxes than pure Polyethersulfone and their low clogging and roughness resistance.


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