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140- Design and Manufacture of Miniature Focal Plasma Device

Researchers in our country have succeeded in designing and manufacturing a miniature focal plasma device with medical and industrial applications.
In this design, a miniature focal plasma reactor is designed and built with a power of 200 Joules and a main torch with a height of 18 cm and a diameter of 12 cm, which can have many applications in medicine and industry with the production of X-ray and neutron controllers.
So far, only 2 reports were given on manufacture of the device in Chile and Singapore.
The production of X-rays for the manufacture of medical and industrial imaging devices is much less costly than the existing ones, and the production of neutron beams for applications such as oil exploration is significant.
Unlike other neutron sources, this miniature reactor has the ability to turn on and off and a more precise control.
The design of this machine is completely native and most parts of it are designed and built within the country.
The working method of this machine is creating a vacuum up to 0.01 Millibar and then blowing the gas.
This gas can be deuterium, neon, argon, and nitrogen, or a combination of these that their injection brings the pressure inside the machine to one Millibar.
At this time, the 14 kV electricity stored in the capacitor bank generates an electric arc causing a Plasma with a temperature of several million degrees on a nanosecond time scale and enclosed in a magnetic field.


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