“Iran moves up 17 steps in producing science of stem cells”

Referring to the publication of 2149 articles indexed in Scopus by Iranian researchers in 2018, the secretary of stem cells development headquarters of vice presidency for science and technology Amir Ali Hamidieh said that the Islamic Republic of Iran climbed 17 steps in the science production of stem cells, upgraded from 31 to 14.

He added: “Methods of gene therapy, cell therapy, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are carried out in more than 1,060 clinical trial (clinical study) in the world, 93 of which will be commercialized in very near future. 618 other clinical trials are in phase II and the other 349 are in phase I.”
He also put the number of clinical trials in the country at about 86.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Hamidieh pointed to the establishment of 917 companies in the field of gene therapy, cell therapy and regenerative medicine in the world and stated, “if products of 10 percent of these companies are hit the market, giant steps will be taken in this field.”

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