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145- “Laboratory production of stable nanoparticles with excellent optical properties”

Researchers at Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI) have succeeded to produce nanoparticles with excellent optical properties. These colloidal nanoparticles maintain stability over a long period of time.
Aluminum oxide colloidal nanoparticles are used in a variety of industries including aerospace, laser, solar cells, transistors and nanomedicine. Among the various shapes, their colloidal form has remarkable features and properties and the shape, size and properties expected from them at the nanoscale are well controlled. So far, no research has done on the production of aluminum oxide colloidal nanoparticles with proper stability in shape and other properties in Iran.
One of the most important challenges facing nanomaterials production is the long-term stability of their properties. The root of these problems lies in the large difference between the surface and volumetric energy of nanoparticles. This energy barrier, along with factors such as the difference in the surface charge density, the type and density of the surface atoms that are caused by the particle schema make it impossible to reach a stable colloid. These barriers along with obstacles such as the emergence of chemically stable complexes in uncontrolled conditions, prevent the emergence of alumina colloidal nanoparticles therefore it is important to select a reliable method to achieve the desired result.
In this pattern, the sol-gel process is used to prepare the aluminum oxide nanoparticles. In order to achieve the best results, first the conditions of this process are optimized. Then the sol stabilization prepared from this material has been tested and studied. Different methods such as FTIR, XRD, SEM, PL and HRTEM have been used to study the nanoparticles. Thus, the produced nanoparticles on one hand are highly stable and on the other hand have perfect optical properties and can be used in producing optical equipment.

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